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This is going to be a fairly short post compared to what I was planning to write.  I have a headache and am not up to writing everything I wanted to.  This is probably what will be just be the first in a series of posts though about Mr. Andrew Smith, a very talented and not well known enough writer.  When I planned to start these posts about Mr. Smith I went online and googled his name to get an image of his newest book.  I found no posts even mentioning his newest book.  I found some that mentioned his book before this “The Alex Crow” but nothing about his new book that just came out.  I don’t know if that’s due to poor publicity on his book company or what, but it’s a shame.  I was able to find an image of it by going on and pulling the image from the sale info.

His newest book is “Stand Off”, the sequel to the very good “Winger”.  The main character of both books is Ryan Dean West.  In the first book Ryan is a 14 year old Junior at Pine Mountain.  The second takes place a year later after some major events in Ryan’s life and the after effects of these events.  Ryan Dean (as he likes to be called, not Ryan) is an amazing real character.  I am not finished with the second book yet, but am enjoying it as much as I did the first one.  (I will admit that for some reason I don’t like the covers of either book.  Not sure why, but they just don’t make me want to read the books.)

Mr. Smith is what would be considered a Young Adult writer.  All his books reside in that genre.  I want to write more about that in future posts too.

What I want to get across with this post is how good these two books are and how good Mr. Smith’s books are overall.  I will admit to not being as crazy about a few of his books and I’ll get around to talking about those and why in future posts.  Read these books and make sure you really read “Grasshopper Jungle”!  This book is nothing short of a masterpiece.  But like I said, more to come.

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