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I’m a little late to catching the first episode on tv but I just watched the premier of the new Supergirl TV show and I loved it.  Why are DC’s tv shows so much fun (Arrow withstanding) while their movies are so dark and full of despair.  The same sense of hope and fun that makes Flash so good is in Supergirl.  And like Flash Supergirl doesn’t try to hide from its comic book origins.  She in costume and fighting bad guys with powers equal to hers.  As much as I like Agents of Shield they seem to shy away from connecting their show to costumed heroes, save in comments about the movie heroes.  We don’t see any in the show itself, it’s like they want to dip a toe in that water, but not plunge in.  Flash and Supergirl dive off the cliff into that water.  There’s so much I enjoyed about this show.  All I can say is watch it.

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The Importance of Science

In 1945 Vannevar Bush wrote a letter to the President of the United States about the importance of science and the role the government should have in promoting it and helping advance it.  You can find the entire letter here.   While some of it is dated, talking about World War II, the basic premise stands.  When I look at the members of our government today that are charged with the advancement of science I all but weep.    We have Men and Women serving in our Capital that our proud of their ignorance and wear it as a badge of honor.   When we as a nation celebrate stupidity and complain that a candidate for office is too smart, where are we headed?  I can tell you that I want the smartest people helping to make the decisions that matter.  I want people that understand the way the world works and are not afraid of science.

Once upon a time it was deemed important to learn everything you could.  To try to gain knowledge.  When did it change?

To end I’ll just put up one quote from the letter that I think is more important than ever in our day and age when higher education seems to be forever out of the grasp of so many.

Higher education in this country is largely for those who have the means. If those who have the means coincided entirely with those persons who have the talent we should not be squandering a part of our higher education on those undeserving of it, nor neglecting great talent among those who fail to attend college for economic reasons. There are talented individuals in every segment of the population, but with few exceptions those without the means of buying higher education go without it. Here is a tremendous waste of the greatest resource of a nation — the intelligence of its citizens.

If ability, and not the circumstance of family fortune, is made to determine who shall receive higher education in science, then we shall be assured of constantly improving quality at every level of scientific activity.

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Robert Galbraith


This is the new book by Robert Galbraith.  The name might not ring a bell, but if I said JK Rowlings everyone would know who I was talking about.  Robert Galbraith is the name the author of the Harry Potter novels used to create a mystery series featuring detective Cormoran Strike.  For a brief period the disguise went undetected, but than someone figured it out.  This series of course is nowhere as popular as Harry Potter, nor as a much of a critical success.  But I like it.  It’s not the best mystery story ever told but I found myself liking the main character and when you’re creating a mystery series that’s a good part of the battle.  If you don’t like the main character of the series who’s going to keep buying it.  There were two books written and than nothing.  I was afraid she had given up the series.  Well the newest book in the series just dropped today.  Give it a try, it’s really a good read.

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Jack Kirby’s Work Area

jack kirbys work desk

If anything belonged in the Smithsonian this work area definitely does.  This is where Jack Kirby created most of the foundation of modern day comic books.

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I’m sure I was not the intended audience  for this comic book, but I love it!  The comic follows the adventures of a group of Lumberjanes, which is kind of like an alternative version of the girl scouts at camp with all sorts of supernatural creatures to contend with.   The comic is written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis and drawn by Brooke Allen and published by Boom Comics.   It’s a perfect book about friendship and sticking together to overcome what may seem like terrible odds.   The art is beautiful and crazy and I love it!  I really can’t say enough about this comic, it’s become one of my favorites.

The second collection just came out recently.  It’s worth every penny for it and the first collection.

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Paper Girls


The first issue of Paper Girls by Brian Vaughn and Cliff Chiang was published last week.  I really liked it and am looking forward to future issues.  The main characters are a bunch of teen age girls who deliver the paper.  (Pretty much tells you in the title, duh.)  The story is set in the 80’s, so people still had the paper delivered to their homes.  The writing is exceptional as would be expected and I love Cliff Chiang’s art.  When he was on Wonder Woman it was one of my favorite comics, as for the art as well as the writing.   There’s an interview with him at the Beat.

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Voices to hear


Many, many years ago I managed a music site called Voices to hear.  I say managed because a lot of the writing came from different pr companies that gave me material to run about their clients.  There was no conflict here because the site was designed to publicize  and highlight music and creators that most times you don’t see in the magazines and on the other bigger sites.  Nothing against the bigger guys, I love me some Springsteen, U2 and others, but there is a lot of good and great music being created and performed every night of the week that goes unnoticed by so many.  Thus the site was born.

One of my favorite features on the site was a feature I called Simply Six.  It was a short interview segment with six questions (hence the title, I knew I couldn’t get anything past any of you).  It was the same six questions that I put to the musicians.  Some replied with short answers and others wrote quite a lot of words in their answer.  Irregardless of the size of their reply I loved these interviews.  It was such a look into their minds and thoughts and was fascinating to compare with each other.

Since I’ve put the site on hiatus (never officially but it kind of crept into that state over time) I’ve tried to bring it back a couple times.  I’d slap a post on it and tell myself that was just the start of a rebirth.  And you know what happened, right?  It was months, if not a year before the next post.  So the site sat there, untouched pretty much.

Until now.  I’m hoping that this time I follow through with my promise and pick up where I left off and continue reporting on the best music you’ve never heard.  It’s  a worthwhile effort.

I’ve made a few changes.  The old site had grown so complicated.  My sidebar ran a mile down the screen it seemed.  If there was a widget or gadget that could be added I added it.  I wanted everything on it.  I’ve pretty much stripped it down to as basic as I can make it.   Sort of like this site.  When I started it I thought about the look I wanted and decided to go as minimal as possible.  That’s what I decided with the music site too.  I took the color background and made it white.  I dumped the majority of the sidebar, leaving only a few widgets there.  The focus on the site now is just the posts.  Writing about the music.  That should be enough.

I’ve started a new feature on the site: Music to Listen to.  This is going to be written by me and pretty much is going to be a review column.  It’s not going to be anything fancy or too sophisticated.   I only now what I like and will tell you why I like it.   One difference in this column than a lot is that it’s not going to just be whatever is current.  In today’s world you can find an old album as easily as you can the one that just came out yesterday.  This column is going to talk about what I’m listening to and what I’m enjoying, be it new stuff or something created fifty years ago.  I’ll try to provide a link to everything I talk about, so you have a chance to give it a try.  With the wide resources of the web today almost nothing is impossible to find.

Please take a few minutes to hop over there and give it read.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Leave a comment here or there.  If I know people are reading it that will definitely help in my desire to continue it.  Click here.


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New Buffy


I can’t tell you how excited I am by this.  Buffy is one of my favorite, if not my favorite TV show of all time.  I named my dog Buffy.  So you’re getting the idea that I’m a fan of Buffy.  While saying that I have to admit that I’m not as big a fan of the Dark Horse Comic.  I bought the Season Eight and Season Nine, but gave up somewhere during Season Ten.  I held on for as long as I could, and while some individual issues felt like Buffy for me, overall I just wasn’t enjoying it as Buffy.

But Buffy in High School?  And written by one of my favorite writers Faith Erin Hicks.  This is going to be sooooo good.  I can’t wait.


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Reza Aslan on the Muppets

reza on muppets

Did anyone catch Miss Piggy’s guest author last night on the Muppets?  Miss Piggy was convinced that she needed to have authors as guests on her light night talk show so the first one on was Reza Aslan.  Mr. Aslan’s current book is Zealot Jesus of Nazareth which is displayed prominently on Miss Piggy’s desk.  I was somewhat surprised because this book treats Jesus as a historical figure and not the actual Son of God.  I’m actually in the middle of reading the book right now, which is very interesting, but not quite what I would have expected on the Muppets show.    I quite like it.


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ts19892 ra1989

I talked about this on my Facebook page.

I’m a fan of Taylor Swift.  I know I’m not her intended audience, but I’m a fan of a well crafted song and she crafts her music very well.

Now Ryan Adams is another matter.  I’m a big fan of his work.  I’ve followed his music since the days of Whiskeytown.  I would pretty much buy anything he puts out and so far I think I have.

Ryan Adams decided to re-do Taylor Swift’s latest album 1989 in what I think I read in one interview as if the Smiths were recording it.  He talked about how he first tried a couple songs on the same type of recording device that Bruce Springsteen used to record Nebraska on.  (Which I think has lead a lot of people commenting that Ryan re-did the album in the style of Springsteen’s Nebraska).   While Taylor’s album is a bright, mostly cheerful pop album (and nothing wrong with that and very enjoyable as such) Ryan’s take on the songs give them a different, more somber meaning.  His version of Shake It Off has become one of my favorites.

It’s really amazing listening to the two albums after I combined them on a playlist with Taylor’s song first followed by Ryan’s version and than burned it all to a CD.  This has become my listening material in the car for the  last few days.


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