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I talked about this on my Facebook page.

I’m a fan of Taylor Swift.  I know I’m not her intended audience, but I’m a fan of a well crafted song and she crafts her music very well.

Now Ryan Adams is another matter.  I’m a big fan of his work.  I’ve followed his music since the days of Whiskeytown.  I would pretty much buy anything he puts out and so far I think I have.

Ryan Adams decided to re-do Taylor Swift’s latest album 1989 in what I think I read in one interview as if the Smiths were recording it.  He talked about how he first tried a couple songs on the same type of recording device that Bruce Springsteen used to record Nebraska on.  (Which I think has lead a lot of people commenting that Ryan re-did the album in the style of Springsteen’s Nebraska).   While Taylor’s album is a bright, mostly cheerful pop album (and nothing wrong with that and very enjoyable as such) Ryan’s take on the songs give them a different, more somber meaning.  His version of Shake It Off has become one of my favorites.

It’s really amazing listening to the two albums after I combined them on a playlist with Taylor’s song first followed by Ryan’s version and than burned it all to a CD.  This has become my listening material in the car for the  last few days.


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