Ayla Speaker for the Dead

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I haven’t shared any of my work on here yet, so I thought it was time to start.  This is for an upcoming webcomic called Ayla Speaker for the Dead.  The words are by me and everything else is by the talented Javi Laparra.  I’m not going to promise any time line on this yet, because whenever I do I just get myself in trouble.  But I’m feeling really good about this and am hoping it will start before Christmas.  The above images are from different pages and show everything from penciled layouts to a completely finished page with the lettering.  I normally don’t post a page that is lettered, those I want to hold off until we actually have the storyline running, but for this one time I wanted to put it here just to showcase the art.  I don’t want to give too much away yet, but the storyline is set in the future and is set in my hometown of New Orleans.  I’ll talk more about this and post more as we keep working on it.

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