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Many, many years ago I managed a music site called Voices to hear.  I say managed because a lot of the writing came from different pr companies that gave me material to run about their clients.  There was no conflict here because the site was designed to publicize  and highlight music and creators that most times you don’t see in the magazines and on the other bigger sites.  Nothing against the bigger guys, I love me some Springsteen, U2 and others, but there is a lot of good and great music being created and performed every night of the week that goes unnoticed by so many.  Thus the site was born.

One of my favorite features on the site was a feature I called Simply Six.  It was a short interview segment with six questions (hence the title, I knew I couldn’t get anything past any of you).  It was the same six questions that I put to the musicians.  Some replied with short answers and others wrote quite a lot of words in their answer.  Irregardless of the size of their reply I loved these interviews.  It was such a look into their minds and thoughts and was fascinating to compare with each other.

Since I’ve put the site on hiatus (never officially but it kind of crept into that state over time) I’ve tried to bring it back a couple times.  I’d slap a post on it and tell myself that was just the start of a rebirth.  And you know what happened, right?  It was months, if not a year before the next post.  So the site sat there, untouched pretty much.

Until now.  I’m hoping that this time I follow through with my promise and pick up where I left off and continue reporting on the best music you’ve never heard.  It’s  a worthwhile effort.

I’ve made a few changes.  The old site had grown so complicated.  My sidebar ran a mile down the screen it seemed.  If there was a widget or gadget that could be added I added it.  I wanted everything on it.  I’ve pretty much stripped it down to as basic as I can make it.   Sort of like this site.  When I started it I thought about the look I wanted and decided to go as minimal as possible.  That’s what I decided with the music site too.  I took the color background and made it white.  I dumped the majority of the sidebar, leaving only a few widgets there.  The focus on the site now is just the posts.  Writing about the music.  That should be enough.

I’ve started a new feature on the site: Music to Listen to.  This is going to be written by me and pretty much is going to be a review column.  It’s not going to be anything fancy or too sophisticated.   I only now what I like and will tell you why I like it.   One difference in this column than a lot is that it’s not going to just be whatever is current.  In today’s world you can find an old album as easily as you can the one that just came out yesterday.  This column is going to talk about what I’m listening to and what I’m enjoying, be it new stuff or something created fifty years ago.  I’ll try to provide a link to everything I talk about, so you have a chance to give it a try.  With the wide resources of the web today almost nothing is impossible to find.

Please take a few minutes to hop over there and give it read.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Leave a comment here or there.  If I know people are reading it that will definitely help in my desire to continue it.  Click here.


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