I’m a little late to catching the first episode on tv but I just watched the premier of the new Supergirl TV show and I loved it.  Why are DC’s tv shows so much fun (Arrow withstanding) while their movies are so dark and full of despair.  The same sense of hope and fun that makes Flash so good is in Supergirl.  And like Flash Supergirl doesn’t try to hide from its comic book origins.  She in costume and fighting bad guys with powers equal to hers.  As much as I like Agents of Shield they seem to shy away from connecting their show to costumed heroes, save in comments about the movie heroes.  We don’t see any in the show itself, it’s like they want to dip a toe in that water, but not plunge in.  Flash and Supergirl dive off the cliff into that water.  There’s so much I enjoyed about this show.  All I can say is watch it.

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