The Fall of the Republican Party

One of my favorite writers about politics is Matt Taibbi, who writes for Rolling Stone magazine, and his most recent column is up now.  It’s about the destruction of the Republican Party.  While I shed no tears for the GOP I’m not quite as positive that it’s over for the party.  I remember not long after President Obama won for the first time all the experts were claiming that this was the end of the Republican Party, it was over for them.  Unfortunately they ended up coming back and becoming the majority in the House and pretty much fighting everything the President proposed because, not that it was bad or might not be good for the country, but mainly because it was the President’s idea.  It didn’t matter if it was the best idea in the world, if Obama suggested it, than the House Republicans were going to say no.  They were so sure of themselves that they basically said their whole purpose was to make sure Obama not win the next election.  Now I understand about rival parties and you want your guy or girl in office, but isn’t the time inbetween elections supposed to be about working together for the greater good.  Somewhere over the years we’ve seem to have lost that concept.

Which is a shame.

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