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In 2007 I created a music site called Voices to hear.  The main purpose of the site was to talk about music that you didn’t hear on the radio or see written up in the music magazines.  I wanted to talk about come of my favorite artists and find others that someone else might like.  To be honest most of the writing was press releases and other pr writings from musicians.  I did some reviews and some features.  My favorite was a interview segment called “Simply Six”.  It featured the same six questions I gave to the artist.  I thought this was simple that it wouldn’t take a lot of time from the artist and they would be able to get it done easily.  Also I liked seeing the different answers from the different artists.  Some gave simple few word answers, others took pages to answer the questions.  I ended up doing hundreds of these interviews.  I’m collecting around a hundred of them in a book version that I should be publishing soon and hopefully I’ll follow up with a second volume after that.

The purpose of this post is that for the foreseeable future I’m putting the site on hiatus.  I have done a terrible job of updating it over the last year or so.  As I get back more into my comic book writing I find myself with little or no time to give to the music site.  I don’t want to say it’s dead, I’d love to go back to it one day, but for now it’s resting.

Well, not completely.  Whenever I want to talk about some music, review a new cd or concert, or maybe even get someone to answer a new Simply Six, I’ll be posting on this site, under the Voices to hear banner.  This way I can try to keep it going in some small fashion.

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