Voices to hear: Theresa Andersson


Another Simply Six interview with Theresa Andersson.  I love her music and her shows are always very entertaining.

1. For many artists, they cite a defining moment for themselves when they knew they wanted to be a singer. For many it was the appearance of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show, to another generation it was the Beatles’ appearance on Sullivan half a decade later. Is there such a defining moment for you?

I think I’ve always known that I wanted music to play a major role in my life. At the age of 7 one of my friends entered a talent contest and I felt deeply jealous because I didn’t know about it and had to wait another year to sign up.

2. When you’re not creating music what are you listening to? Who are some of your favorites?

Nina Simone, Duke Ellington, Air, Aphex Twins and Wildbirds and Peacedrums at the moment.

3. What would you say is your greatest moment so far as an artist, either on record or live?

My most recent record “Hummingbird, Go!” really feels like an artistic arrival for me.

4. Do you believe music can change the world or is just something to listen to? How much can music influence current events?

Well I think music can have a theraputic and inspiring quality. We all listen to music in a different way, so I can only speak for myself. I cannot imagine a world without music. I do like movies that are quiet though ( must be my Strindberg influence).
I once bought an iPod because of the song in the commercial…..

5. How has technology affected the music industry? How has technology affected your career as a musician?

If by technology you mean the Internet I say it’s been fantastic! Sites such as YouTube makes it possible for the independent artist to showcase her stuff without first bring judged by a small panel. It let’s the people decide. And THAT is a beautiful thing.

6. Now for my Barbara Walters question: If you were a pair of shoes what type of shoes would you be?

A comfortable yet stylish shoe made out of high quality leather. I would be made for walking. I would be hugging the foot of my bearer and supporting her weight putting a spring in her step.
My color would be chocolate.


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