Life During Wartime

I’ve created a Facebook page for my new comic LIFE DURING WARTIME.  The first issue is completely penciled and Javi Laparra is coloring and lettering it now.  Probably two weeks or less and then it’ll go to the printer.  So about a month from now we should have the first printed copies.  The second issue is being finished as I type this and should be out within a month of the first issue.  The third is still a work in progress.

The Facebook page is another place I’m trying to get word out about this comic.  Besides information about the comic I’ll post articles and such I find about Trump.

The first three issues:
1) What happens after Roe v Wade is overturned?
2) What happens when the press is no long free to report?
3) What happens when it becomes illegal to be gay?

All from a future we’re living in now and could happen.

Coming soon….


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