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Once upon a time Best Buy was one of my favorite stores.   Now, not so much.

I’m not going to about their music or DVD selection in this post.  That’s one for its own post and my disappointment with them.  This post is about their customer service.

Now my day job is retail, so I can understand how a customer’s perception of bad customer service isn’t always the truth.  Someone waiting for five minutes for service will say they’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.  And for that customer, it probably feels like thirty minutes when you’re waiting for help.  I’ve been there and tried to dial back the anger.  But these are examples of just plain bad service, which I hate to say I find happening more and more when I shop there.

Recently I was looking to replace my Fitbit that died on me.  A helpful hint: don’t leave it plugged in to charge for weeks.  Somehow I forgot about it and when I went back it was dead as a doornail.  So I was looking at Fitbit again, but I was looking at the Samsung Gear Fit2.  I really liked the look of the Samsung.  Reading reviews the one worry I had was that a  majority of the buyers complained about how easy it was for the watch to come unhooked and fall off your wrist.  So I definitely wanted to check it out.  I went to Best Buy and waiting for someone to come and help me, yes I remember what I said about those five minutes and it was longer than that, I timed it.  When I was about ready to walk out, someone did come up and ask if they could help me.

The displays are secured within a case that you can’t get into it.  They probably aren’t working models, just there for their looks.  But beneath the displays are the locked cases with the actual working watches.  I explained what I was looking for and that I really wanted to see how the watch connected around my wrist.  He told me that he couldn’t get into the display cases so he couldn’t show me.  There wasn’t one to show.  I explained again that I really wanted to see if the complaints were true.  Again he told me the same thing.  I explained that I wasn’t going to buy something that might fall off my wrist and get lost.  Again he explained he couldn’t show me one.

So I went elsewhere and bought a Fitbit Surge.

Another time I was looking at phones.  I’m one of those fools that is always updating his phone.  And once I always purchased my new phone from Best Buy.  That changed a few years back, but I thought maybe I’ll give them another chance.  I was looking at one of the new Samsung models.  I picked it up and the alarm went off.  There were no employees around me as I was looking at the phones.  I thought if nothing this will at least get me, someone, over to talk to.  Well, someone came over, turned the alarm off and then walked off.  Without saying a word to me.

Needless to say, I didn’t purchase a new phone at Best Buy.  I went to the Verzion store and bought the new Pixel from Google.

I hate to say this has been par for the course the last few years as far as service at Best Buy has been.  It used to be enough that I would buy my new music or TV shows on DVD there, but like I said, that’s another post, with unfortunately the same results of me not shopping there as much as before.

With brick and motoar stores in such troubles these days, the one advantage they have over online sales is customer service, dealing with a flesh and blood person.  Like I said, I know that bad customer service is sometimes the customer acting entitled, I could list a thousand such instances, but sometimes bad customer service is just that, bad customer service.

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