Len Wein RIP

I’m not quite old enough to have grown up reading the original Marvel Comics.  They say your Golden Age of comics is when you first start reading them and discovering the thrill of following the monthly adventures.  For me my Golden Age was the 70’s.  For me the writers whose words amazed me and thrilled me and made me come back month after month were Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, Steve Englehart and Len Wein.  The 70’s gets knocked by a lot of fans for their comics.  I think it’s because it’s coming off the Lee/Kirby and Lee/Dikto years and people figure they can’t be that good.  But I thought they were awesome.  I loved the stories they were telling.

Today I just read the Len Wein died.  I never met the man but he gave me many hours of reading enjoyment.  Even if you’ve never read a comic but like the movies made of them, you owe Mr. Wein a thank you.  He created Wolverine and the co created the New X-men with Dave Cockrum.  He co created the Swamp Thing.  He had a hand in a lot of characters that we take for granted nowadays.

Rest in peace Mr. Wein and thank you.

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