In today’s entertainment world nothing is gone forever. Besides taking an old movie or tv show and remaking it completely, lately there has been the idea of bringing back an old show with the original cast, set years later. Will & Grace, Rosanne, Mad About You and more that I’m sure that I’m missing. Which I think if done right is actually a pretty good idea. I’d much rather see a show that continues the original than a re-boot with new actors playing the old characters. There seem to be some new thoughts going into taking an old show and letting us see what happened to the cast years later.

Of all the shows, I think West Wing would be really easy to do this. It would probably be pretty much all new characters, but the history of the original show would be part of the history of the new show. I’ve read rumors that such a thing might be in play, but so far I haven’t read anything offering concrete information.

For me The West Wing is one of the best shows on television. Every few years I watch it in its entirety. So far I haven’t gotten tired of it. I think even more so in these times of having an idiot for a President and demeaning the office and our country it’s nice to look back and imagine what a world would be like with a President Bartlet.

What got me thinking more about the show lately is that I ran across a podcast called The West Wing Weekly. The podcast is hosted by
HRISHIKESH HIRWAY and JOSHUA MALINA who played Will Bailey on the show. They started at episode one and on each podcast they talk about the show. They have a lot of guests on the podcast, many from the show, actors and directors and other behind the scene members of the show. It’s a fun podcast to listen to and has me thinking about the show again.

Check it out here: The West Wing Weekly

Still I wonder if a show like the West Wing could survive today. When politics has become such a blood sport and the level of discourse has become so vile and terrible, does a show that tried to be hopeful and show the majority of our public servants as meaning good stand a chance? If it aired today, would it have to be as evil and mean as politics are now.

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