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While I was hoping to appear at more cons this year, I’m definitely not facing the problems a lot of my friends that count on convention appearances for a lot of their income from. I know there are a lot of conventions that are trying to put a bright face on things and say they are going to still move forward. San Diego is probably the biggest that is still listing itself as going forward. I would be thrilled if it was so, but I really think they need to look at it honestly and just admit now that it’s not going to happen. Let every one that was planning to go realize that now, so they can stop trying to figure out if they need to go or still can go. Even if things get better in the next month or so, who’s going to want to be a part of such a huge gathering after so many were just sick? Even some of the local conventions are taking a wait and see approach and while I understand I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Even if it goes forward I don’t think I want to be sitting behind a table in May facing who knows how many people that may be carrying COVID-19.

While the convention season is not a major source of my income, or barely a blip, to be honest, I do try to get what I’m working on done in time for shows so I’ll have something new to push. So I’m taking a different look at what I want to accomplish this year and how I want to get it done.

First off I want to finish the fourth issue of Ayla and collect it all in a trade. This is happening even as I write this. The fourth issue is being lettered and colored and over halfway done. Then I can get the fourth issue, concluding the current storyline printed and move forward with a trade of all four issues.

Where I’m going with Ayla after this is unsure. I’d love to do another four issues. I already have a plot. But this series was such a bear to get finished. I’m not blaming anyone specifically, there’s enough of that to go around to all of us. Just as many times it was my fault as it was anyone else’s. But if I do the next storyline I want it to be quicker and easier to get done. I’m not sure how realistic that is at the moment. Besides any issues I have Javi the artist is being kept busy with coloring work from Marvel and other drawing work from other creators. And I would like to keep him as the artist if I continue it. So we’ll see is the best I can offer so far as future Ayla goes.

Next up is a new one issue stand-alone comic. It’s a crime comic featuring no superheroes and anything science fiction or fantasy. The script is about 3/4’s done and the ending is already plotted out. It’s going to run around 48 pages and the art will be by Roman Gubskii, who’s been working with me on new LIZARDS stories. Roman has the first 1/4 of the script and is planning on starting the art within the next week or so. I’m feeling really good about this story and feel it might be some of my best work. I can’t wait to get it done.

Also online to get finished is the third and final issue of the storyline for Boxie. The delay on this one is completely on me. Tyler Carpenter, the artist, has been patiently waiting on me for the script. I have it pretty much plotted out, I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write it. I want to get this done this year for the same reason I want Ayla done. As well as printing the third issue I want to get all the issues together for a trade. Tyler is just waiting on this, so this is on my list of things to finish this year for sure.

And finally, until I think of something else that I haven’t yet and want to get it knocked out, is more LIZARDS stories. I’m at the start of a four-issue storyline with Roman Gubskii now, that I have to finish the next three issues. And I’m working on more short stories for the series with other artists, like my friend Larry Guidry. LIZARDS is an ongoing thing and what I plan to continue to work on for the foreseeable future.

Andy from new project by Roman Gubskii

Boxie by Tyler Carpenter
Lizards by Roman Gubskii
Ayla by Javi Laparra

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