Me and the Movies

A few years ago my comics were featured as the backdrop in a movie. I was going to say a major motion picture, but I don’t know how major the picture was. The movie was Santa Jaws and the title should about say it all. But still, it was cool to see my comics in the racks behind the characters as they talked in the comic book store.

It was due to Stephen Smith of Big Easy Comics, my local comic book store, that I was able to be part of the movie. The movie people were using his store as the comic book store in the movie. In this movie, the main characters are a bunch of kids who when they’re not out hunting for the shark are in the comic book store making plans.

I’m assuming they didn’t want to show anything from any of the bigger comic companies because then they would have had to go through their legal department and pay them a lot more than they paid me. While having my comics in the background was cool, the best part was when the main character was at home reading one of them on his bed. I was never so glad that the back cover of my comics shows my name and home page.

Look! I’m in a movie, lol.
All the comics, except the one on the top row to the left of Boxie are mine.

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