Voices to hear: the book

I missed posting about this when I published it so I need to make up for it. Years and years ago I used to do a music site called Voices to hear. It was mostly interviews with musicians you probably never heard of but should have. The interviews were six questions I asked each musician (or to be more precise emailed) that I called Simply Six. The responses were varied and so interesting. I had replies that barely filled half a page to some that went on for three or more pages. I really enjoyed these interviews and sometimes wish I had not quit the site, but it was so time-consuming.

Still, before the site vanished into whatever limbo dead websites go to I managed to get most of the interviews off and compiled them into a trade paperback. This is the trade, with an amazing cover by my friend Javi Laparra, and featuring Shannon McNally, Theresa Andersson and Coco Robicheaux on the cover.

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