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Knuckles and Tales is a collection of atmospheric, disturbing, spooky, and downright weird Southern Gothic short stories by award-winning author Nancy A. Collins, best known for her edgy novels featuring the punk vampire/vampire slayer Sonja Blue. The original hardback edition of Knuckles and Tales was nominated by both the Horror Writers Association and the International Horror Guild for Best Collection of 2002. The stories on display in Knuckles and Tales range from suspense and psychological horror to dark fantasy and black comedy, with the occasional weird love story thrown in for good measure. 
Knuckles and Tales features two never before published novelettes in the Seven Devils Cycle: “Junior Teeter And The Bad Shine” and “the Pumpkin Child”, as well as the previously unpublished short story “Big Easy”

I’ve been a fan of Nancy Collins for years. Her vampire series starring Sonja Blue is one of the few vampire stories I enjoy. I bought this book on my Kindle a few months ago and just finished reading it. I think the first story I ever read by Nancy Collins was “The Two-Headed Man” and that story has stuck in my mind ever since. I didn’t realize it was in this collection until I got, but glad it is.

I’ll be truthful, I don’t know why Nancy Collins is not a bigger name in the horror field. I’m not a big fan of a lot of horror writing, so for me to be a fan of a horror writer, they have to be really good. And Nancy Collins is one of my favorite writers in the field.

Oh, and for the comic fans, check out her Swamp Thing stories. They just were collected in one of those huge, giant doorstops of a book. I think she was the first writer on the series after Alan Moore and the quality of the book never declined.

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