The Getaway Driver

While my main goal this year is and has been getting some uncompleted comic storylines completed, the gist being Ayla and Boxie, while continuing to put out new Lizards material, sometimes life throws a few curve balls at you.

The fourth issue of Ayla is being colored and lettered even as I type these words by the wonderfully talented Mr. Tyler Carpenter. Once it’s done I plan to get the fourth issue printed and all four issues collected in one trade.

While I’m still not finished with the script for the third issue, finishing up the first storyline for Boxie my plan is to finish it this year. It’s plotted and I know just about every move in the script, it’s just finding the time to sit down and put such thoughts to paper.

Lizards #6 was the first all-new Lizards comic in a long time. It’s the start of a four-issue storyline, so of course, I plan to continue with it. Plus Lizards is one of my favorite creations and I want to keep working on it for as long as I can.

So that was the plan for this year. Sometime at the end of last year or so I had an idea while driving to the bookstore. By the time I arrived at said bookstore I had the general plot outline for the story complete. The whole story came to me on the drive. Later I’ve added parts to flesh out parts of it, but pretty much the beginning, middle and ending was there. Not a new series, just a single issue stand alone comic. And in a genre I haven’t done much writing in, crime stories.

I haven’t talked much about it until now. Roman Gubskii, my artist collaborator from the most recent issue of Lizards is taking on the art chores. The title of the comic is The Getaway Driver. It features Andy, a getaway driver for hire. And that pretty much sums it up.

Here’s Roman’s first sketch of Andrea, also knows as Andy. And the first page of the script. I’ll be posting a lot more about this and more art over the next few weeks as we move along in the production of the book.

The Getaway Driver page one

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