Day 1

I keep going back and forth on it, managing to keep it up for awhile and then putting it off. I’ve been really bad for the last six months, maybe even longer. What am I talking about?


But today is Day 1. A new start. I just spent about an hour exercising and hoping to continue this on a regular basis now. When I bought my new home, I wanted an extra room that I could turn into an exercise room. I bought a treadmill, a bike and all in one gym so I could have no excuses. I’ve tried memberships in gyms before, but they never last. I go for a few months, slowly going less and less until I’m not going at all. So I thought having a gym in my own home would give me no excuses. The problem is that there are always excuses to be made if you want to make them.

So no more excuses. I’m putting this out there in the hopes that I’ll feel like I have to keep up with it now.

So we’ll see.

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