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The Making of a Comic Book


This is the cover for the next book I’m working on.  This will be similar is size and style to For What It’s Worth, which talked about writing for comic books and presented some tips and ideas that have helped me along this path in comic writing.  The Making of a Comic Book will detail the creation of the first issue of Ayla Speaker for the Dead, from idea to the final finished product.  I don’t claim in great knowledge in what I’m doing, but maybe some of what I’ve went through might help others in their quest for creating comic books.  I talk about everything from getting the idea and working it out to getting the comic printed and shipped.  The book will be finished and printed sometime before the end of this year.

And I have to add, isn’t that a great cover to Javi Laparra?  The man is amazing.  He even got Buffy on the cover.  I love it.

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I just finished the new Charlie Parker thriller A TIME OF TORMENT by John Connolly.

Before this I had re-read all the previous novels in the series.  Connolly mixes the mysteries with just enough supernatural to offer a different spin on the series.  Parker is a very interesting character and I’ve enjoyed reading his stories.

Still his newest book, while a good read, felt like Parker wasn’t even a main character in his own novel.  And it wasn’t like Connolly decided to focus on one of the secondary characters.  Most of the focus seemed to be on the villains of the story and while there’s nothing wrong with this approach it left little room for much character growth for the main character.  And considering there was a major development concerning his daughter Sam with very little appearance from the girl in the book it just felt like something of a let down.

Like I said I enjoyed the book, Connolly is a very talented writer and I spent two nights reading it so I could finish it, but I felt slightly disappointed.  Parker seems to be at a cross roads in his life and definitely the revelations concerning Sam require more reading, there just wasn’t enough of either in this book.

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Read, read and than read some more


If you want to be a writer I can’t emphasize how important it is to read.  Even if you don’t want to be a writer it’s important to read.  Reading is so important.  Read, read and read some more.  This is a pile of books by the side of my bed that I’m either reading or have read.  I’m always reading more than one book at a time.  And this doesn’t include the other books I’m reading in other parts of the house or on my Kindle.

Just read.

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Robert Galbraith


This is the new book by Robert Galbraith.  The name might not ring a bell, but if I said JK Rowlings everyone would know who I was talking about.  Robert Galbraith is the name the author of the Harry Potter novels used to create a mystery series featuring detective Cormoran Strike.  For a brief period the disguise went undetected, but than someone figured it out.  This series of course is nowhere as popular as Harry Potter, nor as a much of a critical success.  But I like it.  It’s not the best mystery story ever told but I found myself liking the main character and when you’re creating a mystery series that’s a good part of the battle.  If you don’t like the main character of the series who’s going to keep buying it.  There were two books written and than nothing.  I was afraid she had given up the series.  Well the newest book in the series just dropped today.  Give it a try, it’s really a good read.

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Reza Aslan on the Muppets

reza on muppets

Did anyone catch Miss Piggy’s guest author last night on the Muppets?  Miss Piggy was convinced that she needed to have authors as guests on her light night talk show so the first one on was Reza Aslan.  Mr. Aslan’s current book is Zealot Jesus of Nazareth which is displayed prominently on Miss Piggy’s desk.  I was somewhat surprised because this book treats Jesus as a historical figure and not the actual Son of God.  I’m actually in the middle of reading the book right now, which is very interesting, but not quite what I would have expected on the Muppets show.    I quite like it.


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