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The Making of a Comic Book


This is the cover for the next book I’m working on.  This will be similar is size and style to For What It’s Worth, which talked about writing for comic books and presented some tips and ideas that have helped me along this path in comic writing.  The Making of a Comic Book will detail the creation of the first issue of Ayla Speaker for the Dead, from idea to the final finished product.  I don’t claim in great knowledge in what I’m doing, but maybe some of what I’ve went through might help others in their quest for creating comic books.  I talk about everything from getting the idea and working it out to getting the comic printed and shipped.  The book will be finished and printed sometime before the end of this year.

And I have to add, isn’t that a great cover to Javi Laparra?  The man is amazing.  He even got Buffy on the cover.  I love it.

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Ayla #2


I know it seems like it’s been forever.  Or at least it does to me.  But we’ve finally started to post the second issue of Ayla Speaker for the Dead online.  The cover and the first page are you and you can read it here.  In this issue we venture farther into the city of New Orleans and see how much it’s changed from its present day appearance.  We also get little more information about the United States.  Things are going to get pretty rough in this issue for Ayla and her friends.  I don’t want to say too much so I don’t give too much away, but we hope you’ll be along for the ride.

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Boxie Printed

boxie-delivered boxie-interior

Today I received the copies of Boxie.  I really love this comic.  I still get a thrill out of opening the box and pulling the printed version of the comic out to hold in my hand and look at.  This is the second all new comic I’ve done so far this year.  We’ve already started work on the second issue.

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My Comics 2016 (so far)


My last post made me realize that I’ve been pretty bad about updating what new books I have out and what’s coming out.  So I figured I’d take a moment to let everyone know what is out so far this year.

Diebold Color

Ayla Speaker for the Dead #1

For What It’s Worth (writing on writing)

Joe Buskin

1: short comic book stories

2: short prose stories

A History of Voodoo

Looking back I can think not so bad for one year so far.  And the year’s not over with yet.  I have a few books upcoming and a few that might have to wait for the start of next year, just for finance’s sake.

Boxie: at the printer right now and will be in my hands on Oct. 7.

The Making of a Comic Book: I’m thinking this will be out this year.  It’s going to be in the same format as For What It’s Worth.  Basically it recounts how we created Ayla from start to finish.  I thought it might be helpful for some to see how a comic book was created.  I’m about half done with it and once it’s finished I think I’ll be able to swing the cost of publishing it this year.

Voices to hear: The Interviews:  Done, but probably won’t be out till the start of next year.  This is the biggest thing I’ve done so far.  At least a hundred pages, maybe a bit more.  Interviews with musicians from my music site Voices to hear.

Lucy: a children’s story told in comic book format.  Probably next year, I’m still working on this one and don’t have an artist for it yet either.

My Own Second Line (an Enoch Miller mystery):  this one is going to be a prose story, but I’m going to put it out in a comic book format.  I’m not sure how big it will be, but I’m thinking around 36 to 48 pages.  I’ve started it and am really enjoying writing it.  It’s bringing together a lot of ideas and half started stories I’ve been trying to start and finish over the years.  Hopefully this won’t go on that pile of half finished stuff, I figure if I talk about it here it’ll make me want to keep working on it.  But I really have a feel for it now.

Lizards The Complete Collection:  This is going to collect all my Lizards stories from Critters plus the one issue special that Caliber published.  This will be close to a 100 pages.  It will appear sometime next year.

Ayla Speaker of the Dead #2:  We’re already working on this so it will be out sometime next year.  I’m hoping for spring so I’ll have it for the summer convention season.

Boxie #2: Again we’ve started on it and I’m pretty confident we’ll have it out in the first few months of next year.

The Almighty Project #1:  I was hoping that I’d have the first issue of this one out this year, but problems pushed it off the rails and we definitely won’t be out until 2017.  I’m super excited about the new artist and think this is going to be really good.  I’m hoping that like the second issue of Ayla we can have this out the first half of next year.

And that’s all I’m going to list right now.  There are other projects with other artists, but none that I feel confident enough about announcing or putting a deadline to.  And as always I’ll be thinking of new things and adding them into the mix as I go.

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Boxie is coming!


I’m so excited for this comic.  We’re almost done with the first 25 pages and than we’ll be printing it.  Right now it looks like we should have published copies by the middle of October.  I’ve been working on this comic in some manner for the last few years and a few different artists, so I can’t wait to finally get it out there for everyone to read.

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New Artist on The Almighty Project

amp character sketch 1amp character sketch 2amp character sketch 3amp character sketch 4amp character sketch 5

A few days back I was talking about looking for a new artist for The Almighty Project.  It didn’t take long after posting on Facebook for the messages to come.  A lot of good artists messaged me and I found one that I fell in love with her work at first glance.  Her name is Afia Shahid and I couldn’t be more pleased with her work.  She’s already jumped in and provided the character sketches you see on this page.  I love her designs for Jerry and his friends.  I can’t express how excited I am about this project right now.  I can’t wait till we start posing pages and let you all see it.

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New Comics out

Cover 1hrcover 2hr

The two collections of short stories has been printed and I have copies.  The titles of these two collections are respectively 1 and 2.  Pretty simple, huh?  1 is the collection of all my short comic books stories from different artists.  2 is a collection of prose stories that I felt were good enough to warrant putting between two covers.  Both of these comics are over 50 pages.  And I have to point out the awesome connecting covers Javi Laparra did for the comics.

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Billy Bounce


This is a page from a comic strip that was created in the early 1900’s, like around 1901 or 1902.  So for anyone that has seen me at a convention over the last year or two has seen prints of a character called Billy Bounce that looks a lot like this one.  Billy is in the public domain and when I was searching for an idea for a new character I was looking through a list of public domain characters and for some reason this one called out to me.  He has one of the dumbest powers ever, much like Bouncing Boy from the old Legion, but there was something that started my mind whirling.

I’ve updated him and with artist Larry Guidry we started working on a new, modern retelling of Billy Bounce.

We don’t have a new comic yet, but I’m thinking of reprinting a bunch of old Billy Bounce strips that are on the internet and add in what we’ve done so far, some scripts, some pages, plot ideas, etc and putting it all out in its very own comic book.

Not really sure there’s much of a market for these old strips, it wasn’t the best comic in the world by far and only lasted for a few years.  Its main claim to fame was the it was created by the artist that later gained fame illustrating Oz books.  And we don’t have enough new stuff that would really call out this as something new.  I just kind of like the idea of combining the two together and putting it out there.

More to come as it develops….

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Looking for an Artist

almighty project logo2

For the moment, as I mentioned previously, THE ALMIGHTY PROJECT is on hiatus while I look for an artist.  I’m not going to go into details about the previous artist, except to say it didn’t work out, and now I am in need of a new artist.  I have advertised on numerous sites on Facebook and already have some really good candidates so I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer before I can make a post that the comic is back on track and up online again.

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Comic Updates

Figured it was time to update some of the comics I’m working on.

Ayla cover logo 2

As you should all know by now, the first issue is out, which collects the first 24 pages of the webcomic.  We haven’t posted any new pages on the site yet, but we are working hard to get back up and online.  We should start posting the pages for the second issue before much longer.  The first ten pages are all in some sort of completion and I’m working on the script for the back half of the book.  This issue is going to be a little more violent than the previous issue and should lead into the third issue which should tie up the first storyline.

almighty project logo2

This one is on hold for the moment as I search for a new artist.  Hopefully I’ll be able to announce some good news soon and we can get this back on track.  I really love this story and want to see it complete.  The plan was to have the first issue out by now, but unfortunately the best laid plans and all that stuff….

Boxie cover

The newest comic.  This is coming along like a house on fire.  (mmmm, is that a good comparison?  It’s meant to be.)  The artist Tyler Carpenter already has ten pages complete and is almost to the point of having to wait for me to provide pages of script.  The first issue is a one and done story, detailing her origin.  We may actually publish this before we put it up on the web we’re making such good time with it.  This is going to be a really fun comic.

voodoo cover color


This one is written and I’m waiting on some of the art for it.  I just got two new pages today and they look great!  I’m down to about four or five pages and this one will be ready to be printed.  It’s got an amazing cover by Javi Laparra and I can’t wait to get it out there.

joe bushkin color cover with logo

This was just published last month and contains an old story by myself and artist Ron Wilber.  It’s first publication probably saw less than a dozen people picking it up and it was buried inside a huge 80 page anthology so I’m pretty confident that not many people have read this yet.  It’s a funny story that imagines what if Hunter Thompson retired, moved to Florida and became a Republican?  Well, not really Mr. Thompson, but a character in the same vein.

cover to 1cover to 2

These two comics should be out by the end of the month, they’re at the print now.  They are two different comic, just with one awesome cover by the always talented Javi Laparra again.  The first one collects my short comic book stories over the years and the second some prose stories and articles I’ve written.  And of course both have the introductions about when and where the stories were written.

vth final version

This is the first collection of interviews from Voices to hear and is pretty much finished, but I’m going to have to wait on printing it for a bit, until I have some more money to get it done.  This will done as a perfect bound book and clock in around a hundred pages.   So the price is going to be a little more than on the regular comic book printing.  It’s coming, just maybe be another month or two before I can get to it.

sparkles pinup

And for all the other work I’ve talked about and some I haven’t talked about, it’s all in one form or another, but right now nothing close enough for me to really announce.  There are some great comics if we get them done.  I’ve got the collection of all my old Lizards stories from Critters once I get them all together.  And probably a few things I’ve probably even forgot about.

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