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The Making of a Comic Book


This is the cover for the next book I’m working on.  This will be similar is size and style to For What It’s Worth, which talked about writing for comic books and presented some tips and ideas that have helped me along this path in comic writing.  The Making of a Comic Book will detail the creation of the first issue of Ayla Speaker for the Dead, from idea to the final finished product.  I don’t claim in great knowledge in what I’m doing, but maybe some of what I’ve went through might help others in their quest for creating comic books.  I talk about everything from getting the idea and working it out to getting the comic printed and shipped.  The book will be finished and printed sometime before the end of this year.

And I have to add, isn’t that a great cover to Javi Laparra?  The man is amazing.  He even got Buffy on the cover.  I love it.

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New Buffy


I can’t tell you how excited I am by this.  Buffy is one of my favorite, if not my favorite TV show of all time.  I named my dog Buffy.  So you’re getting the idea that I’m a fan of Buffy.  While saying that I have to admit that I’m not as big a fan of the Dark Horse Comic.  I bought the Season Eight and Season Nine, but gave up somewhere during Season Ten.  I held on for as long as I could, and while some individual issues felt like Buffy for me, overall I just wasn’t enjoying it as Buffy.

But Buffy in High School?  And written by one of my favorite writers Faith Erin Hicks.  This is going to be sooooo good.  I can’t wait.



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