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Politics and Reading

I haven’t written too much about politics on this site yet.  Anyone that follows my Facebook page would be surprised because the majority of the posts are political.  It wasn’t always like that, but since Trump was elected I’ve devoted a lot more space and time on Facebook to politics.  And for anyone that hasn’t read my Facebook page, just to let you know, I’m not a Trump fan.  I think he’s a terrible person and only out for one person, himself.  The country could fall apart but if he makes some money off it, he’s happy.

Which brings us to this post.  I just had Katy Tur’s new book delivered to my Kindle today.  One day soon I’m going to have to write about how much I love my Kindle.  Yes, I love books and will always love the feel and smell and touch of a book in my hands, but I also love my Kindle.  I had forgotten I had ordered this book ahead of time, so that when it came out it was just sent straight to my Kindle.

Katy Tur is the journalist that Trump called out (more than once) at one of his rallies and basically incited the crowd against her.  Two secret service agents escorted her to her car afterwards.  She was one of the first, if not first, serious journalists that covered Trump from the beginning of his campaign to the end.  This is her story of that campaign.  “My Front Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History” is the byline of the book.  And so true.

I’m about half way through the book now and enjoying every page of it.

I’m just going to recite one event she mentions to show how dishonest Trump is.  At one point in the campaign, Mitt Romney gives a speech in which he destroys Trump.  He doesn’t just shred him as a politician, he shreds him as a business man.  He cites Trump Steaks, Trump water, Trump magazine as all ventures that Trump attempted and failed at.  So what does Trump do?  At his next press conference, he has a pallet of steaks, water, and magazines sitting by the stage.  The problem is that he didn’t rope it off or try to keep the press away from said pallet.  They wandered up to it before Trump took the stage and looked at the what was sitting there.  The steaks had stickers that said Trump Steaks on them, but you could see the markings from the company they really came from.  The same with the water and the magazines weren’t his either.  So when he came up on stage he mentions how Romney said he failed and Trump smiles and waves at the pallet to prove that the companies Romney said Trump had failed at was a lie, see there’s Trump Steaks.  There’s Trump water.  Suck a liar.

That is just an indication of the type of things Trump was capable of.  I think he believes if he says it enough then it must be true.

I definitely give this book a good review and you should check it out.  (I really need to get Amazon links up so you can just click and buy from my site.)



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New Artist on The Almighty Project

amp character sketch 1amp character sketch 2amp character sketch 3amp character sketch 4amp character sketch 5

A few days back I was talking about looking for a new artist for The Almighty Project.  It didn’t take long after posting on Facebook for the messages to come.  A lot of good artists messaged me and I found one that I fell in love with her work at first glance.  Her name is Afia Shahid and I couldn’t be more pleased with her work.  She’s already jumped in and provided the character sketches you see on this page.  I love her designs for Jerry and his friends.  I can’t express how excited I am about this project right now.  I can’t wait till we start posing pages and let you all see it.

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Looking for an Artist

almighty project logo2

For the moment, as I mentioned previously, THE ALMIGHTY PROJECT is on hiatus while I look for an artist.  I’m not going to go into details about the previous artist, except to say it didn’t work out, and now I am in need of a new artist.  I have advertised on numerous sites on Facebook and already have some really good candidates so I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer before I can make a post that the comic is back on track and up online again.

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Father’s Day

My Dad died about nine years ago.  There’s not a day that goes by that I can’t honestly say I don’t think of him.  I never knew I would miss him this much.  A few years ago I wrote this post on Facebook and re-posted it again this year.  I think this sums up anything new I could write so I’m going to post it here also.  To those whose Fathers are still alive, call them and wish them a happy Father’s Day.  I know I wish I could.

I first posted this a few years ago and it came up on my memories recently, but with Father’s Day tomorrow I wanted to re post it one more time. I don’t know if I can find anything different to write about my Dad that I don’t include here.


It’s not like I think of him more on this day than any other. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t have at least one thought of my Dad, who passed away from cancer six years ago. Something will happen during each day will make me think of him. I can be shopping at the book store and I’ll see a book and my mind thinks how that would be a perfect Father’s Day or Christmas present for him, but of course I don’t have to buy it. Or when I bought my Ipad when it first came out I imagined him saying something about my need to buy the newest gadgets as soon as it came out.

You hear people say that their Mom or Dad is their best friend. My Dad was never my best friend. He was my Dad. I didn’t want him to be my best friend. I needed him to be my Dad. Even after I had supposedly grown up I wanted him as a Dad, not a best friend. I wanted to be able to call him up with a problem and get his advice. I knew if things got bad I always had a place to go back to. I have plenty of friends, but I only had one Dad.

My Dad was, shall we say, vertically challenged. He was probably 5’ 4”, shorter than my Mom. Of course that was always open to comment. He liked to say that dynamite came in small packages, I would tell him so does silly putty. But when I think of him I always imagine myself looking up at him, no matter how tall I grew over him.

He continued to surprise me throughout his life. A lifelong Republican, and worse a Nixionian, while I grew up he came to admire Bill Clinton. A veteran of over twenty years, he would get so mad about the war in Iraq and the men and women sent over there he would literally work himself into tears.

I got my love of reading from my Dad. He always had a book and was reading some part of the day. After my parents retired, he would go shopping with my Mom and while she was in the stores shopping he would find a bench to sit and read. I remember more than a few times walking through the mall to find him sitting on a bench with a book while my Mom was inside the store shopping. I can say that I am a feminist because of my Dad. Chores or duties in our home weren’t assigned because one was the Mom or one the Dad. My Dad handled the cooking the last twenty years of his life so much that after he died my Mom said she had to learn how to cook all over again.

One of the things my Dad regretted the most in his life I think was that he didn’t graduate high school. He left an abusive family situation and joined the Navy before he received his diploma. He may not have finished school, but my Dad was one of the smartest people I have ever known. He taught himself so much over the years, that there were few subjects he didn’t have some knowledge of. As much as I’ve tried to emulate him, there are some subjects that just baffle me and when something in car goes wrong I miss the chance to call him and explain the problem and have him tell me what the solution is.

And what I remember most about my Dad was how much he loved my Mom. Oh, I’m not saying there weren’t bad moments. They could fight. Oh boy, could they fight. But in the end it didn’t matter. They loved each other so much. When my Dad was in the hospital dying I overheard my Mom talking to the priest and she said “He’s my right arm, no, he’s both my arms, he’s my whole body.”

My Dad was one of those people that never realized what an impact he had on others. If he had seen the people that stopped by his hospital room when he was dying, from family that came everyday and worked shifts so he wouldn’t be alone at night, to nurses who had dealt with him only weeks or months before wanting to stop by and say their goodbyes he would have been astonished.

I’ll never forget one incident while we sat in the hospital room. There must have been about twenty people in the room, from my Mom, my brother and sister, my niece and nephew, uncles and aunts, cousins. It was a full room. Everyone was sitting around talking in different groups while he laid on his hospital bed. My niece got up and walked over the his bed and sat down next to him. Conversations were lowering, people were turning, as she took his hand in hers and sat there, talking to him and holding his hand. The room had went completely quiet as everyone watched.

My Dad adored my niece and nephew. I’m not saying he didn’t love his own children, but he held a special place for the two of them in his heart and thought the sun rose and set on them.

I could spend pages and pages talking about my Dad and what he meant and still means to me. Even though I don’t send him a card anymore I wanted to write something about him for Father’s Day. They say that loss gets better over time and while it might be true that the hurt isn’t quite as fierce there isn’t a day that goes by I wish he wasn’t still here.

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Back in the day I used to have a blog called altjiranga mitjina.   I guess you could say that I still have the blog, it’s still there, I just never update it anymore.   That was when blogging was the cool thing to do.  Now with Facebook not as many people blog anymore.  I would update this blog almost everyday.  I was very faithful in making sure I posted on a regular basis to this blog.  There was no main theme.  I wrote about everything.  Anything that caught my interest was fair game.

That’s what I want this site to be.  I guess you could say I’m updating that blog to this site.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it updated as often.

blog header

One thing for sure, this site is a lot easier to pronounce.


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How much Social Media is too much?


Another blog?  I can hear the clicking of escape now.  How many blogs, pages, sites, etc does one person need to have?

That’s a good question and unfortunately, one I’m not prepared or equipped to answer.   If I had to guess I could say you can always have one more, since that seems to be my method.  Whenever I think I’ve hit the ceiling of how many I need I seem to find a way to add at least one more site to the list of ever growing media that I keep chugging out.

Still in today’s world it’s hard to get your word, music, art or whatever creative endeavor you’re trying to get out in front of people.  It’s a proven fact that today’s generation, and more than likely the previous generation too, have a shorter attention span.   We can talk about a million and one reasons whey this is so, but it’s kind of like the snake eating its own tail.  The media flashes by our eyes so quick now that it’s hard to stop and focus on anything for any length of time.  Blink and you’ll miss it.  It being just about anything nowdays, from something important to that new link to a comic story or that artist with a great new song.

So what’s the answer?

Put yourself out there in as many different ways as possible.  If someone reads Facebook you want to be there so they can find you.  If they only scroll through Tumblr you don’t want to miss out someone finding you there.  I could go on and on here, but I think we all get the point.   You want to put yourself out there as much as possible, in hopes that if someone sees any of these sites, posts, etc. it will lead back to what you want them to see.

I’m adding this site as sort of a hub to everything I do.   I’ll post links to all my upcoming webcomics and when I update them.  I’ll post to any other writings I’m doing and link to them.  I’m also going to use this site to just write about whatever I feel like.  It might be comics, it might be writing, it might be music, it might be anything that I find worth talking about.

Right now the sites I have are my Facebook site here.   My Facebook writing site here.  My twitter feed here.  My Tumblr page here.  My shop here. My music site (which is seriously in need of updating) here.  And I’m not going to even list the old blogger blog I used to write in just about daily, but probably haven’t updated it in years.    So that’s quite a few sites right there.  I’ve actually pared down somewhat.  I had another comic site and a site that I was using to look for artists.  I also used to have a Facebook page for every comic I was working on, or was planning on working on, which was quickly growing.  One thing that helped me realize is that I don’t need to be creating sites for comics that haven’t come out yet.  Too often these things don’t work out and some of them might never come out.  Also it takes a lot of updating with that many sites.  When the comic series I’m working on at the moment come out (and I’m feeling pretty confident about a few of them) they will have their own website and I’ll be making posts there on days I’m not putting up pages, but when you add a Facebook page for the same site and want to contribute new material there.  Well, it all just becomes too much.  You can spend so much time updating your sites to publicize your work that you don’t have time to create the work itself.  So pages like this and the overall writing Facebook page are where I’ll try to steer readers to updated sites and talk about whatever is on my mind.

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