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The Return of Lizards

One of the things I’ve been working on is the return of Lizards.  Lizards was a series that was first published in CRITTERS published by Fantagraphics a long time ago.  They were short stories drawn in black and white about families.  These families though just happened to be talking lizards and other animals as well as a few humans here and there.  They were some of my favorite writing.  The stories were quiet and slow, dealing with fathers dealing with sons, daughters dealing with their siblings, things like that.  The art was done mostly by Ron Wilber, but later by a bunch of different artists.

I’ve republished a lot of my older work in new versions of comics the last year or two.  I haven’t touched Lizards.  I was thinking of doing a trade paperback of all the stories.  I have over sixty pages of work to republish.  I wanted a trade on my tale to sell at cons.  But I just didn’t feel right about it.  Everytime I started to think about doing this I would put it off.

Finally I decided what I wanted to do was continue the series.  Write new stories.  First though I was going to print the old stuff, in new comics, starring the characters.  Caliber had done a one shot issue LIZARDS SUMMER FUN SPECIAL but otherwise the characters never appeared in a comic with their name on it.  So I decided to change that.

I have enough material to pretty much put out five comics, with a little new material in the last two issued.  And then the plan is to continue the comic with all new stories.

I’ve published the first two issue, the third is about to go the printer.  The first issue cover is a reworking of the special from Caliber with art by Terry Pavlet.  He did the cover to the special and now for the first issue.  The second issue cover is by Larry Guidry.  I also decided to do this comic in black and white.  I know nowdays black and white is just short of the kiss of death as far as comics go, but I like black and white.  This series was first published in black and white and I gave serious though about re coloring it, but I think it works best in black and white.

I love this series.

I hope you check it out.

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Memphis Comic Expo


This weekend, Oct 22-23 I’ll be in Memphis for the Memphis Comic Expo.  I’ll be there with my partner on Skye Pilot Larry Guidry.

One of the nice things about going to any convention in the Memphis area is that my Mom lives about an hour outside the city, so I can skip hotel costs.  Plus it gives me a chance to see my Mom for a bit also.

I’m excited to be going to this show for one simple reason.  Most Cons nowdays are only partly comic book related, in fact, the comic book part of them is usually the smallest part.  Media guests are what draws the crowds and what cons like to feature.  I’m not complaining here, it’s just how it is.  But this con is just about only comic creators.  From what I’ve seen there are some wrestling guests, but everyone else has their foot solidly in the making of comic books.

George Perez, Peter David, The Hernandez Brothers, Peter Bagge…the list goes on and on.  Some really influential names in the history and development of the comic book industry.  And some of my favorite creators.

So this will be different for me.   Instead of a table set up next to people that have nothing to do with creating comic books I should be among comic book creators.  I’m looking forward to seeing how I do at a show like this as opposed to some of the others.

If you’re in the Memphis area you should come check this con out.  And stop by and say hi.

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Creative Con


Creative Con was last weekend and I’m just now finding the time to sit down and write about it.  Unfortunately I had to come back from the con and go right to work the next day.  Today has been my first day off since the convention.

I decided I was going to make this a fun convention without rushing to and from the site.  Panama City is about a six hour drive so I planned to drive in the day before and leave the day after.  It meant an extra hotel night, but I thought it would be worth it, just from the peace of mind of not rushing.  The year before when I went to this con I drove back after it was over and didn’t get home till after midnight and I was completely exhausted.  For once I was making good decisions.

Friday started off with a stop at my favorite place for breakfast The Big Easy diner.  If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see all the times I check in here to eat.  I’m there at least once a week.  I eat there regularly enough that all the waitresses know me and pretty much know what I’m going to order, since I pretty much stick to the same item.  I set my Kindle up and have a good read while I eat.

I had managed to pack my car the night before so when I got home there wasn’t a lot for me to do before I decided to leave for the con.  A friend was going to come walk and feed Buffy so that was taken care of.  I punched in the address of the hotel in my GPS, plugged my portable hard drive into my ups port and cranked up the music and I was on my way.  Last time I went the GPS had me take I-10 all the way to the exit for Panama City and get off, which lead to a long drive down some roads that I would have sworn I had was lost and it seemed to take forever to get to Panama City just from the interstate.  This time, a new GPS, it instructed me to exit at Pensacola and take 98 along the beach to Panama City.  At first I thought this was going to take a lot longer as this route also is through multiple towns and numerous red lights.  Actually it wasn’t, except for running into traffic when I got into Panama City that added a good forty minutes to the trip, but the return trip was really fast.  And the scenery was a lot nicer.

There was a Chili’s within walking distance of the hotel and even better, a Books-a-Million.  I never can resist a book store and ended up buying two books there: A history of Wonder Woman and a biography of Bob Hope.

The next morning started off with breakfast at Golden Corral, which I had passed on the way to the hotel and marked for my early morning start.  The convention site was only about ten minutes from my hotel so it was  a quick trip.

convention-site convention-site-2

The convention site was right on the water.  The building was nice and looking around was even nice.  They had things going on outside but I really couldn’t tell you what, once I set up inside I never left from my table except to look at a window that was near me now and than.  I saw canopies set up with people doing things which made for a nice scene.

Once I got there  I discovered that where I thought I was supposed to have set up had been changed.  Something to do with the First Marshall and where I was once of the first floor now I was on the second floor.  I actually think this was better for me, what I saw on the first floor was mostly vendors, all the creators were up on the second floor.  I was about two hours early, I have a habit of getting to cons way early.  I”m just one of those people that hate to be late for anything.  I never know how long it’s going to take me to set up and I want to make sure that if something goes wrong, I get lost on my way or who knows what else, I’m going to get there in time.

It takes me about an hour to get everything from my car and get the table set up.  A lot of cons Larry Guidry comes with  me and it makes it a lot easier, but this one Larry had previous plans so I was on my way.  It took three trips back and forth to my car to get everything.  I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it everytime I set up, but I remember the days when I walked in with one box and it took me like ten minutes to get ready.  Two trip with my cart and the final trip was just to bring in my banner.


Next to my table was Justin Kucsulain, an actor from The Walking Dead, Bloodline and other shows.  I hated to tell him that I’ve never seen The Walking Dead, so I had not seen him in anything.  I do have Bloodlines in my lineup to watch for Netflix though.  Next to him was John Armijo, another actor from movies like GI Joe, Planet of the Apes, Terminator and tv shows like American Horror Story and NCIS: New Orleans.  In fact John was there almost as early as me.  At the top of the page is a picture of me with the two of them.  I have seen John in NCIS and he actually lives not that far from me, just down the highway.   Both were really nice guys and I enjoyed talking to them throughout the weekend.

There was one scene that I have to talk about.  Sometimes people would walk up to Justin’s table and think he was just selling pictures from The Walking Dead or maybe was cosplaying, not realizing that he had been on the show.  A little girl of about 12 walked up to the table and was looking at the pictures.  She would look up at Justin, than down to the pictures.  She did this a few times.  I was watching here.  Suddenly her eyes got wide and she almost jumped out of her skin, she had realized that Justin was the actor from the show.  She was so excited that she was almost shaking.  He was really cool with her.  He invited her behind the table to take a picture with him and talked to her.  Both these guys were so cool with their fans.


I had received my copies of A History of Voodoo the day before I left for the con.  I’m glad I did, it was my biggest seller for the convention.  More people seem to be attracted to that comic than any other one I had.  It turned out nice with a great Javi Laparra cover and some awesome interior artwork by a group of other artists.


For this convention I only brought my new comics.  So it was a total of seven books with me.  I want to concentrate on what I’m doing now.  I don’t want to ignore my past comics, they’re ready to be ordered if anyone wants them, but I think it’s time to push what I’m putting out now.  I think it made a pretty neat looking presentation.   The best thing is that every comic sold at least a few copies.  I did better at this con than I have at any I’ve set up at.  I still didn’t do as much as I wished, but it’s a take it one day at a time type thing.  It was nice selling some of every comic.  But like I said the Voodoo comic seemed to be the hit.

The first day was the busiest.  Sunday was all right, the first half kind of busy but the last half of the day really got slow.  Lots of cosplaying at the con.  Saw a lot of younger kids at the convention which is always a good thing.  Also as I’ve noticed at more and more cons I go to there are a lot of women and girls, a lot of younger girls, at them nowdays.  I think this is a good thing and can hopefully only mean good things for the future.

It was nice not having to drive back Sunday evening after the con.  On the drive between the con and the hotel I had discovered a Bennigan’s, a restaurant that I had thought went out of business.  All the ones in New Orleans have closed.  So Sunday night I stopped there for dinner and had my favorite meal at Bennigan’s, the Monte Cristo.  So after a good meal I went back to the hotel and got a good nights sleep.  I was up early the next morning and had a nice drive back home.



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Billy Bounce


This is a page from a comic strip that was created in the early 1900’s, like around 1901 or 1902.  So for anyone that has seen me at a convention over the last year or two has seen prints of a character called Billy Bounce that looks a lot like this one.  Billy is in the public domain and when I was searching for an idea for a new character I was looking through a list of public domain characters and for some reason this one called out to me.  He has one of the dumbest powers ever, much like Bouncing Boy from the old Legion, but there was something that started my mind whirling.

I’ve updated him and with artist Larry Guidry we started working on a new, modern retelling of Billy Bounce.

We don’t have a new comic yet, but I’m thinking of reprinting a bunch of old Billy Bounce strips that are on the internet and add in what we’ve done so far, some scripts, some pages, plot ideas, etc and putting it all out in its very own comic book.

Not really sure there’s much of a market for these old strips, it wasn’t the best comic in the world by far and only lasted for a few years.  Its main claim to fame was the it was created by the artist that later gained fame illustrating Oz books.  And we don’t have enough new stuff that would really call out this as something new.  I just kind of like the idea of combining the two together and putting it out there.

More to come as it develops….

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